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Innovative activities


  • In collaboration with a thermal imaging infrared camera -2 is developed. This camera have original monolithic CCD with a sensitivity of 0.03 ° C and speed of 25-50 frames per second. For construction of a medical research complex on the basis of the IR camera "-2" GPI is awarded the Medal of V Jubilee International Forum" High Technologies of XXI Century ".
  • Rapidly emerging field of application of thermal imagers is a medicine, in particular the early diagnosis of various diseases. In collaboration with NSC develops and implements medical and industrial thermal imaging system and method of thermal diagnostics.

a b c
Microbolometer IR receiver on the basis of poly-SiGe: (a) MICROBOLOMETERS (SEM, secondary electron mode), (b) chip on the crystal, in the evacuated housing, (c) the receiver assembly.

  • The documentation for the production of the instrument for PECVD synthesis of diamond UPSA-100, (www.optosystems.ru) is designed and prepared. Three automated microwave installations for PECVD deposition are constructed. They are used for the synthesis of different carbon materials (poly-and single-crystal diamond films and plates, nanostructured films, nanotubes).
  • A microwave plasma-chemical reactor (power 5 kW, the frequency of 2.45 GHz) is constructed for the growth of polycrystalline diamond films and wafers of high quality on substrates with diameter up to 75 mm.

PECVD reactor UPSA-100 for the synthesis of diamond films.

  • Instruments for surface physics and nanotechnology are developed. Since 2002, commercially available ultrahigh-vacuum scanning tunneling microscope GPI 300 is produced by « ». In 2006 UHV STM GPI CRYO is created for researches at helium temperature conditions. 13 devices have been supplied in RAS institutes and universities in Russia and Europe.

Ultrahigh low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope GPI CRYO.

  • A series of fiber optic catheters for the transport of laser radiation and diagnosis of biological tissues is being produced in collaboration with innovative companies «» and « - ». These devices have the all necessary certification and are widely used in clinics. Special tips for quartz optical fibers, that improve the effectiveness and range of applications, are produced. The technology for the production of multi-channel (transparrent to UV, visible and infrared radiation), optical fiber is created.

Fiber-optic attachment for quantum therapy.

- multi-channel hardware complex for physiotherapy treatment effects on the human body by various types of radiation: laser and LED.

  • In innovative company - - we applied a new type of sensors mini-spectrometers with fiber input for a range of 180-1080 nm with a resolution of 2-4.5 nm, focused on a wide class of problems in scientific research, special optic probes for remote monitoring of the spectra, various miniature transmitters "angle-code" type of position with unique characteristics and the weight and size within 5 seconds of arc.


The products developed by λ innovative company.

  • Medical equipment complex for fluorescence diagnosis and photodynamic therapy (PDT) of cancer (DTC-3M) is designed and manufactured in collaboration with «». This complex includes a laser-fluorescence analyzer for optical biopsy and monitoring of PDT, fluorescent image analyzer, and a semiconductor laser for photodynamic therapy on the basis of powerful laser diodes. According to the decision of the Government of Moscow, the decision of the board of the State Committee for Science and Technology Board of the Ministry of Health of 31.12.96 1038-23-11 these complexes were supplied to 20 hospitals of Moscow and other cities. Up to date more than 150 devices have been produced, that now are used in clinics in Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Canada, Holland, etc.

- -3.

  • The originality and quality of developed methods for calibrating the AFM led to the creation on their basis the state standard. The method of measuring the width of the upper and lower bases of the element of relief with trapezoidal profile is included in the draft national standard GOST-R "Raster electron microscopy measurement. Methods of verification ". (GOST-R 8.630-2007)

() () ()
AFM imagesof individual elements of the step structures with different width and height of the ledges. The dimensions of the upper base of the projection is 520 (a), 110 (b) and 30 nm (c).

  • In a series of contracts with «» of Hunting Department of Ministry of Agriculture the devices is developed for radiotagging of hunting animals (radio-collars) of GPS + GSM type: positioning by GPS (with GLONASS option in future) and transfer to the center for information collection by GSM (cellular) connection with minimal power consumption and an work period of half year and above .

Inserting the radio-collar GPS / GSM on a live deer in a hunting.




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