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Surface Phenomena Laboratory


Basic directions and results of studies

  • Study of the mechanisms of surface chemical reactions at the atomic level. Basic systems for research: the interaction of I2, Cl2 with single crystals of Ag, Cu, Si, GaAs.
  • Study of structural phase transitions in adsorbed layers, the nucleation and growth of thin films on languid level.
  • Development of methods for nanolithography and local deposition of metals on the surface of silicon and gallium arsenide using UHV scanning tunneling microscopes. As the atomic-sharp resists used condensed layers of molecular halogen and halide thin films of copper and silver.
  • Development of methods for managing the atomic structure of semiconductor surfaces A(3)B(5) using features of interaction of molecular halogens with the surface.
  • Development of technologies for creating two-dimensional and three-dimensionally ordered arrays of semiconductor and metal clusters on metal surfaces. As the surface patterns used network loop dislocations Cu (111) - (9?9)-Ag and Ni (111) - (9?9)-Au.
  • Studying the mechanism of enhanced Raman scattering in thin halide films on metal surfaces, (CuCl, CuI) / Cu, (AgCl, AgI) / Ag.
  • According to the results of studies published over 40 articles in refereed journals and a monograph.

Development of instruments for surface physics and nanotechnology

  • Ultrahigh scanning tunneling microscope GPI 300. Developed in 1995, with 2002 series produced by ЗАО НПФ "Сигма Скан". We supplied 13 devices in RAS institutes and universities in Russia and Europe.
  • Low-temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope GPI CRYO, working in a wide temperature range 5-300 K. Built in 2006
  • Technologies and equipment for the preparation of probes for scanning tunneling microscopes, including the installation of an electrochemical development of acute and complex equipment and techniques for sharpening tips in ultrahigh vacuum ion beams.
  • The method of signal amplification of Raman scattering in the tunneling gap, STM (TERS - Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering) for a standard spectrometer Jobin Yvon (France) is designed and implemented. We used aminiature STM scanner probe and the substrate of gold. Strengthening was x1000.

Future projects

Equipment, analysis techniques and technologies for the construction of the atomic crystalline materials based on two-dimensional and three-dimensional ordering of nano-objects (super-crystals) and functional elements of nanoelectronics.
Objective: To develop the basic technological tools of atomic engineering on the basis of the probe and electron microscopy in combination with ultra-high vacuum and extremely deep, molecular beams, low temperatures and surface process controlled at the atomic level.

Educational Activities

  • We developed 4 laboratory work on surface physics at ultrahigh vacuum equipment and created two semester course of lectures for 5-course students of MIPT, and MIREA: "Introduction to the physics of the surface" and "Methods of probe microscopy"


  • Two multichamber UHV installations equiped with instruments for surface analysis, including the scanning tunneling microscope GPI 300.
  • Ultrahigh-vacuum low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope, GPI CRYO.

Ultrahigh-vacuum low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope, GPI CRYO.

а)                                                        б)

STM images of Au (111), obtained at T = 5 K. a) Atomic structure of the "giraffe", formed by chlorine atoms. Left and right of the structure clearly visible twin domain walls, characteristic of the surface of Au (111), b) "Rock Paintings", formed by clusters of gold chloride AuCl6


  • Б.В. Андрюшечкин, К.Н. Ельцов, А.В. Кузмичев, В.М. Шевлюга. Низкотемпературное хлорирование Si(100), инициированное электронным пучком. ФТТ, принята в печать.
  • A.A. Vedeneev, K.N. Eltsov. Study of 4x2/c(8x2) ® 2x4/c(2x8) structural transition on GaAs(001) due to molecular iodine action. Surface Science 2009, в печати .
  • B. V. Andryushechkin, Y. V. Hladchanka, G. M. Zhidomirov, A. A. Korlyukov and K. N. Eltsov. Local structure of the Ag(100) surface reacting with molecular iodine: Experimental and theoretical study. PRB 80 (2009) 125409
  • B. V. Andryushechkin, Y. V. Hladchanka, G. M. Zhidomirov, B.Kierren, C. Didiot, D. Malterre, and K. N. Eltsov. Revisiting chlorine structure on Ag(111): evidence of 3x3 reconstruction. PRL, послано в печать.
  • A.A. Vedeneev, K.N. Eltsov. Atomic scale behavior of iodine adsorbed on GaAs(001)-4x2/c(8x2): "ghosts" as nucleation sites. PRL, послано в печать.

Conference papers

  • К.Н. Ельцов. Аналитические возможности сверхвысоковакуумного сканирующего туннельного микроскопа. Международный семинар по поверхности и низкоразмерным системам LDS 2008 (Лоо, 5-9 сентября 2008 г), с. 15-19.
  • Б.В. Андрюшечкин. Поверхностные фазовые переходы. Труды международного семинара по поверхности и низкоразмерным системам LDS 2008 (Лоо, 5-9 сентября 2008 г), с. 27-30.
  • Boris Andryushechkin , Konstantin Eltsov , Vladimir Cerchez , Bertrand Kierren, Clement Didiot and Daniel Malterr. Chlorine adsorption on Ag(111): low temperature STM study. ECOSS-25 ( Liverpool, 2008).
  • Boris Andryushechkin, Konstantin Eltsov, Vladimir Cerchez. Structural phase transitions in chlorine monolayer on Cu(110). ECOSS-25 ( Liverpool, 2008).
  • C. Didiot, B. Andryushechkin, V. Cerchez, B. Kierren, D. Malterre and K. Eltsov. Surface state mediated ordering in Cl overlayer on Au(111) and Au(788). ECOSS-25 ( Liverpool, 2008).
  • B. Andryushechkin. Iodine on Ag(100): STM and DFT study. International Seminar "Statistical Physics and Low Dimensional Structures SPLDS'08" ( Nancy, France 23-27 May 2008 )  http://www.lpm.u-nancy.fr/SPLDS2008/.
  • Boris Andryushechkin, Konstantin Eltsov, Vladimir Cerchez, Bertrand Kierren, Clement Didiot and Daniel Malterr. Chlorine adsorption on Ag(111): low temperature STM study. 8 Japan-Russia Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces, (October 19-23 2008, Sendai, Japan).
  • К.Н. Ельцов. Управление атомной структурой поверхности материалов A IIIB V молекулярными галогенами. Пленарная лекция. Тезисы докладов XIII национальной конференции по росту кристаллов НКРК 2008 (Москва, 17-21 ноября 2008 г), с.6.



Grant UMNIK student - A. Mineev


Head of the Laboratory

Eltsov Konstantin Nikolaevich



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